Still Space


I used to make my bed every morning.

That’s just what you do,



IMG_1607 kopio



I’ve learnt

to think

for myself.



IMG_1608 kopio


Chairs in bedrooms

were never meant to be

sat on.

They are where

galactic giraffes

make nests at night.





IMG_1606 kopio


I’ve learnt

to ignore

the hoover:

I want to bring the outside in


I refuse to get rid of spiders.


IMG_1610 kopio



There isn’t a clear path

to the most important things in life.

That’s how I think

about my coffee.



IMG_1600 kopio


I’ll probably


wash one cup

and leave the rest.

As per usual.


IMG_1601 kopio



There’s no space for me here really…



IMG_1602 kopio


My coffee table

is too busy

for a cuppa.


IMG_1604 kopio



I don’t remember

the last time

I saw myself clearly.



IMG_1611 kopio


The dust

in my shower

reminds me

of how we all die in the end and none of this really matters.








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